How to Do Netgear Router Login via

Netgear is the default web address used for wireless router login. In case the URL doesn’t work, users generally switch to You can use one of these two web addresses for router login Netgear. Here's how to login to router via http//

  • After turning on your router, connect it to your device.
  • Open your preferred web browser.
  • In the address bar, type and press Enter key.
  • You can also use http// IP if the web address not working.
  • Input the username and password and hit the Log In button.
  • You will land on the setup wizard.
Netgear Router Login

How to Reach Netgear Router Login Page?

Before you access Netgear Nighthawk login page, make sure that you have configured your router accurately. Here are the steps for configuring your router using smart wizard:

Netgear router login
  • First of all, you need an Ethernet cable to connect your broadband modem with the internet port of your router.
  • Boot your router and modem.
  • Now, you are all ready to access the Netgear Router Login page using any of the or IP address.
  • After accessing any of the Netgear router login address we have listed above, you will need to fill the default username and password.

You can check the router connectivity by clicking on the “Router Start” option.

Tips for Netgear WiFi Router Login

If you have successfully connected your router to the modem, then you’re all set to access the Netgear WiFi router login page. However, here are some http // tips that you must keep in your mind:

Why is www:// Not Working?

Can’t get access to router login page? Or bothered with Not Working? If yes, this section is a great help. First of all, you must know what the router's web address is. is the default web address to log in to the router’s settings portal. Once you type it in the address bar, you will be redirected to the WiFi router page, where you can set up your router with the setup page.

But sometimes, users are unable to access the routerlogin net page. There are many reasons why you may not be able to access the router login (admin settings) page. The most common reasons are browser cache and IP address issues.

Also, users can’t access the default login page due to these three common mistakes:

  • Mistyping the router login URL: Many users mistype the www:// due to which they get redirected to other websites instead of the Nighthawk router portal. So enter the web address carefully into the URL bar.
  • Web browsers must be updated: Keep your browsers updated. Outdated web browsers always fail to open login portal. So, prior to access the router login portal, check your web browser.
  • Make accurate configuration of the Router: Sometimes, users try to access the smart wizard without configuring their router. That is why they often come across www:// not working errors. Users must properly configure their modem prior to initiating the router login process. not Working

All these are the common mistakes of users that result in errors while attempting to access the Netgear router login page. Avoid doing these. And in this way, you can access the login window without any error.

Still Not Getting Access to Your Router Login Portal?

If you are not getting configuration access for router admin page, here are tips you must try:

Not Getting Access to Your Netgear Router Login Portal
  • Clear the cache memory of your web browser and try again.
  • If you have set up firewall settings for your home network or computer system, maybe you, that is why, are not getting access for the admin window. Remove the firewall settings for your home network and try logging in again.
  • You have to make sure that the applied power supply to your router is accurate.
  • Use the default IP address for accessing the Netgear router login page.
  • Sometimes, you may face issues while accessing the address using WiFi, you must try using the Ethernet cable for router login access.

Once you are on the login page, you will have to use the default login credentials to get access to the setup wizard. The smart wizard will guide you with on-screen instructions for setting up your WiFi router.

How to Do Router Login Using Nighthawk App?

Still not working for you? If yes, we have got you covered! You can use the Nighthawk app for Netgear router login. Here are the do-follow steps:

  • Unlock your mobile phone.
  • Launch App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Search for the Nighthawk app.
  • Tap on the Nighthawk app option from the search results.
  • Tap on the Download button.
  • Let the app download properly.
  • Once downloaded, install the app by following the on-screen instructions.
  • After that, tap on the app's icon to open it.
  • The router login window will appear.
  • Enter the user ID and passphrase into their respective fields.
  • At last, tap on the Log In button.

In this way, you can do the Netgear router login through the Nighthawk app.

Netgear Router Login Using Nighthawk App

I Forgot setup Password. How do I Recover It?

In case you have lost or forgotten your password, you can use the Router Password Recovery feature to retrieve the password. Follow the below-mentioned steps to recover the forgotten login password:

Quick Tip: It is recommended to note down the password so that you can easily find it if forgotten or lost. Or else, you can store it in a password manager to keep it safe.

Thus, you can recover the forgotten Netgear router login password.

Common www:// Setup Issues

Here is the list of all the possible issues that you might face with setup:

  • www:// not working.
  • Router admin password issues.
  • Netgear IP access issues.
  • Parental control issues.
  • Browser installation issues.
  • Router firewall blocking issues.
  • Slow WiFi speed after routerlogin com Netgear setup.
  • Problems with Android and iPhone connections.
  • Netgear router not detecting modem
  • Router keeps turning off
  • WiFi router not showing WiFi
  • Router keeps saying no internet
  • Router won’t accept password
  • WiFi router power LED blinking
  • Router keeps on restarting
  • Forgot www:// username and password
  • Router won’t reset
  • Netgear router keeps changing IP
  • WiFi router stays offline
  • Router not detecting USB drive
  • WiFi router not working after firmware update
  • Can't login to router
  • Can't access setup page
  • Lost router login credentials
  • Resetting or recovering password issues
  • Don't know the default login credentials
  • Issues with Netgear troubleshooting
  • Blocking and unblocking issues for router network
  • Port forwarding issues with the router
  • DNS issues while setting up the router
  • Firmware and software issues with the router
  • Router keeps losing internet
  • Netgear Genie not showing connected devices
  • Router won’t allow new connections
  • www router login net address not working
  • Router keeps dropping internet connection
  • Netgear router lights on but no internet
  • ISP change IP address
  • WiFi router flashing orange
  • Router IP http// not pinging
  • Router not getting full speed
  • WiFi router not showing 5GHz
  • http// IP not letting me login to Netgear router
  • Netgear Genie failed to load

We have provided solutions for some of these queries in the FAQ section. Have a look at them.

How to Do Router Troubleshooting?

This section contains the Netgear Router Troubleshooting tips for various router issues. The tips mentioned here are very beneficial for those who are facing issues while setting up their router or doing login, whose router is not working, and for those who wish to enhance their home network security. There can be “N” number of issues that you might face with your router. Given below are the troubleshooting guides for each of these issues.

1 Slow Internet After Setup

If you are getting slow internet issues even after successful setup, then changing the MTU size of your Netgear router can be of great help. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Access the login page.
  • Accurately fill the router login credentials. FYI, login details are case-sensitive. So, keep the Caps Lock off while you login to router.
  • Go to the “Wireless settings” section to change the Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU) size and click on “Save” option.
  • Next, open the command prompt (“cmd”) and ping for
  • Go to the “WAN setup” again under the wireless settings and specify the MTU size for your router.
  • Finally, click on “Apply” and you are done.

Other Things You Can Try For Slow Internet Are:

If these steps don’t work for you, get in touch with us for instant Netgear Router help.

2 Unable to Perform Netgear Router Reset?

Netgear router login issues become a headache sometimes. But resetting your router to default settings offers great help to resolve almost every login issue. Here in this section, we will guide you with how you can reset your router to the default settings. There are two ways for Netgear router reset:

Netgear Router Reset Using the Setup Wizard
With these steps, you will be able to reset your router to the default settings via the router login portal:

  • Use any of your web browsers to get access to www://
  • Type in your router login details carefully when prompted.
  • Make sure you’re using your router’s login credentials, not your WiFi credentials. These both are unique, but most of the users think that these are same.
  • After the successful login to your router’s settings portal, navigate to the “Advanced” section.
  • Locate the “Reset” option in this section and click on it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and you’re done.
netgear router login

How to Reset Router Using the Reset Button?

There is a reset button on the backside of your device. It’s located in a tiny hole so you will need a paper clip or any pin. Locate the hole and using the pin, press the reset button for a few seconds. Wait for the LEDs to light. Now, your router is reset to default settings.

Note: Resetting your router will revert all the current settings to their default values, including the admin password.

3 Amber LEDs Or A Blinking Power LED On Router

The Power LED lights amber for about a few seconds and then turn into white or green when you turn on the router. If it does not turn white or green or remain blinking for a long time, it indicates that your router has a problem. In this section, we are going to talk about how to resolve the Netgear router’s amber light or blinking Power LED issues.

A Blinking Power LED On Netgear Router
  1. Turn the router off and then on again to see if the Power LED turns white or green.
  2. Restore the router to its factory settings by pressing and holding the Reset button.
  3. Set your computer’s Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and IP address to static.
  4. After setting them to static, open your command prompt, type the ping command followed by your router IP and then hit Enter.
  5. If it gets replies, reinstall the firmware of the router without the configuration CD recovery tool. Find the complete steps for firmware update on your router on our Netgear Router Firmware page.

4 Netgear Router Not Working? Here's the Fix!

Is your router not working properly? Well, you are not alone in the battle. It is one of the most common issues faced by a lot of users around the world. However, with a few troubleshooting tactics, you can easily fix the issue. Let's have a look at the troubleshooting tips to resolve the Netgear router not working issue:

  • The first router troubleshooting tip is to reboot your router and modem. For this, disconnect the router from the power supply, wait for some time, and then connect it back again to its respective electrical outlet.
  • Cross-check the cable connections. They should be precise and finger-tight.
  • Make sure that your router is receiving consistent power supply from the wall socket.
  • Don't employ a damaged wall outlet to plug in your router.
  • If there is a wireless connection between your modem and router, try using a wired connection to connect both of them.

Tips to Improve Your Router’s Working Capacity

This section contains various useful tips for improving your router’s working capacity. Usage of these tips ensure that you won’t face any trouble with your router and getting the optimum performance from your device. These tips are:

  • If your router comes with external antennas, attach them to expand the WiFi signals at a larger space. If this is done, you won’t face dead zones at your location.
  • Update your Netgear router’s firmware on a regular basis. This also helps improve your router’s working capacity. You can perform the firmware update via login page.
  • Change the default www:// login details to something else.
  • Adjust the channel bandwidth for your router as if this is done accurately, the internet speed for your home network would be improved.
  • Make sure that your router is not placed someplace where there are obstacles such as walls and other objects.
Improve Your Router’s Working Capacity

What to Do After Router Login?

To update and set the advanced settings for your router, you need to access the login page. These advanced settings include:

  • Change the router admin password.
  • Update the firmware of your router.
  • Modify the Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU) for your Router.
  • Set up parental controls.
  • Manage various issues.
  • Configure the router as an Access Point.
  • Troubleshoot various issues.
  • Reset the router to the default settings.

Note: All these advanced settings are only accessible & possible after getting access to setup wizard.

Fix: Netgear Admin Invalid Response

Trying to access page but seeing the ERR_INVALID_HTTP_RESPONSE error? Well, this issue is generally experienced by users of Google Chrome browser. To get rid of the issue, go through the below-given troubleshooting tips:

  1. Delete cookies, cache, and other junk files from the Chrome browser.
  2. Bonus, clear the browsing history from your browser.
  3. Ensure that your Google Chrome web browser is running the most recent version before accessing login address. If not, update it now.
  4. Try to uninstall and reinstall Chrome browser on your computer or laptop and then access the Netgear web page.
  5. In the event that you are still struggling with the admin invalid response error, opt for another web browser such as Firefox or Edge.

How to Change Default Admin Password?

Changing the default admin password is essential to make your home or office network more secure. Here are the steps required to change the default login password:

Default Admin Password
  • Launch your preferred web browser on a PC or laptop.
  • Head over to the routerlogin net web page.
  • Enter the user ID and password for router login.
  • Hit Log In.
  • After logging in, go to the admin section.
  • Hit the Set Password option.
  • Insert the password you want to keep.
  • You are required to re-type the password.
  • Once done, hit the Save button.

The next time when you access setup page, use the changed password. It is recommended you to create a strong password. Don't include your personal details such as your name, birth date, email ID, mobile number, spouse's name, etc. in the password. Refused to Connect?

In case refused to connect, maybe your WiFi router is placed in a corner of your house. The wireless router broadcasts WiFi signals equally in all directions, so it is crucial to keep your router in the central area of your home. Moreover, be certain that your router is placed away from electrical devices, metal objects, reflexive surfaces, and other interference-creating devices such as baby monitors, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, glasses, fish tanks, mirrors, aluminum studs, to name a few.

But if you are still struggling with the same error even after placing your router properly, execute the following troubleshooting steps one by one:

  1. Ensure that all cables are properly connected. No cable connection should be loose or wrong.
  2. Verify whether the wall plug you are using to connect your router is not damaged and getting constant power supply from the mains.
  3. Keep in mind to enter the web address into the URL bar only, not in the search bar.
  4. If you are using a WiFi connection for router login, switch to the Ethernet one and try again to log in to your router.
  5. Reboot your WiFi router as well as the modem.
  6. Try using the Nighthawk app for router login.

Why Your Netgear Router Keeps Disconnecting?

Trying to access login web page but your Netgear router keeps dropping the connection? If yes, you are not alone facing this issue. It is one of the most common issues experienced by users while accessing the page.

The main reason behind the router keeps disconnecting error is signal overloading. Apart from this, wrong WiFi network, outdated firmware version, and network congestion may also make your wireless router dropping the connection and prevent you from accessing the web page.

Without further ado, let's make you aware of the troubleshooting steps to fix the admin login issue:

Router Keeps Disconnecting During Login

In this manner, you can fix the Netgear router keeps dropping the WiFi connection while logging into www:// Login FAQs

To access the login web page, you can use or web address. Check out the complete steps below to log in to your Nighthawk wireless router:

  • Plug your router into an electrical outlet and turn it on.
  • Take an Ethernet cable and use it to connect your Nighthawk router and modem.
  • Power on your computer and open a web browser on it.
  • Take the mouse cursor to the top-left side and click on it.
  • Once the mouse cursor starts blinking, type or
  • Hitting the Enter key will take you to the router login portal.
  • Insert the username and password.
  • Click on the Log In button.
  • The setup page will appear.

That's how to login to Nighthawk WiFi router using www://

Using the latest firmware version increases the functionality, stability, and performance of your WiFi router. Additionally, the most recent Netgear router firmware update will likely fix bugs and possibly add new and enhanced features to your router. So, it is important to use the latest firmware on your wireless router.

For the first-time Netgear router login, you need to use the default admin password. You can find the default admin password in the manual that came with the purchase.

On the off chance if the web address Netgear not working for you, use the default IP address of your router for the same. Most WiFi routers utilize as the default gateway.

The first-time login can be done using the default username and password. However, users often personalize the default login credentials to secure their WiFi network.

In the event that you have changed the default admin password to something else, try to access the router login page using the changed details.

Netgear router error 651 comes into view when the internet connection you are trying to establish is failing. This error may also prevent you from accessing the login page. To fix the issue, follow the below-explained troubleshooting steps:

  • Power cycle your wireless router.
  • Disconnect your router from the modem and reconnect it but after some time.
  • Recreate the dial-up connection.
  • Reset TCP/IP on your PC.

If the password is incorrect error continues to appear while accessing the login web page, here are the do-follow troubleshooting steps:

  1. Cross-check the password you have entered. Perhaps there are typing errors in the password. Given that the password is case-sensitive, so type it accordingly.
  2. The router should be properly connected to a working wall plug. In the event that the power socket is damaged or short-circuited, use another wall outlet to plug in your wireless router.
  3. Remember to delete cache, cookies, junk files, as well as browsing history from the web browser you are using to access routerlogin net.
  4. On the off chance if you have lost or forgotten www:// admin password, reset your router to the factory default settings.
  5. Opt for another web browser to access web page.
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