How Do I Login to My Netgear Router?

The Netgear router login page can be accessed at the web URL with the help of an updated web browser. Know that if you do Netgear router admin login via this method, you will be able to configure it, modify the WiFi password, change the parental controls settings, and upgrade the firmware. Here are the steps to log in to a Netgear WiFi router.

Step 1: Connect Your PC

This is an effortless step that can be completed just by looking for the Netgear router WiFi name on the Network list of your PC. The default network name can be identified from the router’s label.

Netgear Router Login - Connect Your PC

Step 2: Navigate to Router Login Page

Using a web browser’s address bar, go to or access the router’s IP address or You are suggested to avoid typos while using the login address of the Netgear router.

Netgear Router Login - Navigate to Router Login Page

Step 3: Use Login Credentials

The last or the final step involved in the Netgear router login process is the use of administrative details. Therefore, you have to input the “admin” into the Username field and “password” into the Password field. These details are also mentioned on the bottom of your Netgear unit. Click Log In to reach the router’s dashboard.

Netgear Router Login - Use Login Credentials

Note: If the Netgear router admin login details have already been customized, consider using those unique details. But, keep in mind that they are case-sensitive. You cannot enter them randomly with closed eyes. Be very careful while you enter the routerlogin info.

Netgear Router Admin Login: Troubleshooting Tips

Reason Troubleshooting Solution
Cached Internet Browser
Cached Internet Browser
Cached files of the browser might interfere with the routerlogin process resulting in delays or timeouts. Thus, you should erase the browser's cache and cookies. You can do it by accessing the Settings panel of the browser. If the browser is outdated, you must update it.
Wrong WiFi Access
Wrong WiFi Access
If you have joined a WiFi network other than your Netgear router, then also you can face such issues. Thus, connect your PC to the WiFi of Netgear router only. Also, ensure that you are using only one connection source between your Netgear router and computer.
IP Address Conflicts
IP Address Conflicts
Maybe a device on your WiFi network is running on the same IP as your router. Thus, you should either change the router's IP or that device's IP. Know that IP conflicts are the most common causes why some devices deny staying on the same network.
VPN Connection Active
VPN Connection Active
Simply disable the VPN connection. If you still want to go for it you are suggested to use the router's IP address i.e. The router’s IP address will serve as an alternative to the URL.
Antivirus Interruption
Antivirus Interruption
Sometimes, antivirus programs also interrupt the user from accessing the Netgear router admin login portal. To avoid problems, temporarily disable such programs and try to access the Netgear router admin login page once again.

Nighthawk App: Alternative Method to Netgear Router Login

Aside from doing Netgear router login at a person can use the Netgear Nighthawk app for logging in to the router. The steps are mentioned below:

Download the Nighthawk App

Go to the App Store on Android or Google Play on iPhone and search for the Nighthawk app. Download the Netgear router app and let it get installed on your mobile device.

Download the Nighthawk App

Connect Mobile to Netgear Router

Now, the next thing you need to do is make your mobile access the network of your Netgear router. Simply, tap the WiFi icon and look for the Netgear network to connect.

Download the Nighthawk App

Launch the Netgear Nighthawk App

The final thing is to launch the Nighthawk app and input the Netgear account credentials there. You can also proceed using the router's admin details. Lastly, tap Sign In.

Download the Nighthawk App

Note: You are supposed to install the latest stable version of the Netgear Nighthawk app plus ensure that the login credentials used by you are correct. Otherwise, Netgear router login will fail.

Netgear Router Login Not Working?

Just in case the routerlogin is not working for you either at or via the Nighthawk app, you are free to return your Netgear router to its default factory settings. It is just a 3-step process.

After following the aforementioned 3 steps, you should set up the router once again after completing the Netgear router login process.

Netgear Router Admin Login – A Questionnaire

A. On the dashboard/STATUS page of router, choose Advanced > Administration > Set Password. Enter the password into the required areas and save the changes.

A. The Username – admin and Password – password. Both details must be entered in lowercases due to their case-sensitiveness.

A. You cannot escape the routerlogin process. You have to go through it for security purposes. Your router will become a door without lock if it does not have login details.

A. Yes, you can! But, the major thing is that you have to enable the Netgear router remote management feature for this. This feature is known as Anywhere Access in the Nighthawk app.

A. The Netgear router’s default password value is mentioned on the label on its bottom plus the user manual of your router. However, if you are looking for the router’s WiFi password, check its Network and Internet Settings.

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