Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup

If you’ve got your hands on a Rockspace WiFi range extender, then consider yourself lucky because it is capable of delivering groundbreaking internet performance. But, your luck won’t favor you if you do not perform Rockspace WiFi extender setup correctly. Do you know how to setup Rockspace Wi-Fi range extender or consider the process a difficult task? In case you are not aware of the steps of making it up and running, then walk through the information mentioned on this page. Right from the setup process of the Rockspace device to the instructions to update its firmware, you’ll find everything here.

Rockspace WiFi Extender Manual

Shining light on the extender’s setup process will come later, but, first of all, let us make you aware of the packaged contents. Apart from the power adapter and Ethernet cable which are the hardware accessories, a user manual comes with the range extender. In this Rockspace WiFi extender manual, you will find:

  • The default web and IP address of your Rock space extender
  • Two different methods of setting up the extender
  • Steps to manage the extender’s wireless settings
  • The process of creating wired connections between the extender and the main gateway
  • Instructions to reset the extender

The Rockspace WiFi extender manual provides the user with plenty of information that he/she finds difficult to decipher and hence ends up landing in trouble. This is to inform you that you can take the help of our technical team if you get stuck with the Rock space extender problem by any chance. However, the upcoming sections highlight the steps to do Rockspace extender setup in the easiest way possible.

Rockspace WiFi Extender Manual

How to Set Up Rockspace WiFi Extender | Methods

As mentioned earlier that the Rockspace WiFi extender manual highlights two different methods of installing the device which are as follows:

Method 1: Web Browser

This method of performing Rockspace WiFi extender setup is generally known as the manual method. The reason being, the user has to access the extender’s web-based setup screen manually using an upgraded version of the internet browser.

Method 2: WPS Method

Users who own a WPS-supported host gateway can proceed with this Rockspace extender setup method. Tech savvies call this approach the Push “N” Connect method since the user is only required to push a button. Which button is that? We’ll reveal further.

How to Setup Rockspace Wi-Fi Range Extender | Web Browser

The setup process of the Rock space WiFi range extender starts right with the powering up of the device. Once done, refer to the instructions provided below to configure it with the home network:

  • Take the Ethernet cable and insert it into the Ethernet jacks of the gateway and extender.
  • Now, switch on your computer or laptop.
  • From the Rockspace WiFi extender manual, find the default web URL.
  • Type the extender’s URL into the address field and hit Enter.
  • Now, create a 5-32 characters login password for your Rockspace extender and click Next.
  • The Rockspace WiFi extender setup wizard will make its way to the screen.
  • Now, walk through the on-screen prompts

How to Set Up Rockspace WiFi Extender | WPS Method

When you choose to do Rockspace extender setup via the WPS method, you need to place the extender near the main router. Doing so will help the router [gateway] and the extender to communicate effortlessly. Here’s how to setup Rockspace Wi-Fi range extender via the WPS approach:

  • Ensure that the Power button on the extender is in the ON position.
  • Now, find the WPS button and press it.
  • You have to press the WPS button on the main router now.
  • The Rockspace WiFi extender setup completes.

Where to Place Rockspace WiFi Range Extender?

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to do Rockspace extender setup via the manual method or the Push “N” Connect approach, you’ve to relocate after it is all set to extend the main router’s network. Here are the points that you must consider while placing your range extender to complete the final stage of the setup process:

  • Your extender must be sharing equal distances with WiFi dead zones and the router.
  • Try to place your Rock space range extender in the central area of the house.
  • Reduce the WiFi interference to a minimum from the extender’s surroundings.
  • Do not keep your extender near objects containing a large amount of water.

How to Update Rockspace WiFi Extender Firmware?

The Rockspace firmware update is an essential process that every Rock space extender owner has to perform. FYI, the extender runs on a set of instructions that are collectively called firmware. It needs to be updated timely so that the extender does not lack the latest functionalities. Thus, once you complete the Rockspace extender setup process, update its firmware whenever a new version is rolled out:

  • Download the latest firmware file for the Rock space extender as per its model number.
  • Access http://re.rockspace.local or
  • Log in to the extender using the password you created.
  • Select the Administration tab and click Firmware Update.
  • Drag and drop the firmware file you’ve downloaded or simply select it after clicking Browse.
  • The Rockspace WiFi extender firmware will get updated.
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