Why is My Nighthawk Router Not Connecting to Internet?

Why is My Nighthawk Router Not Connecting to Internet?

“I have just purchased a brand new Netgear Nighthawk WiFi router and set it up with my home network. But, it doesn’t connect to the internet. What am I supposed to do now?” Does this query sound familiar to you? Yes? Well, know that there are plenty of Netgear router users who come across similar situations very often. Not only do new users experience such an issue, but there are also many existing users who have complained about the Nighthawk router not connecting to internet issue. So, we have decided to pen down the troubleshooting process to fix this issue with the help of our technical expert team. Thus read on further to know more about it.

What Does It Mean to Not Connecting to Internet?

A Netgear router needs to be connected to an internet gateway to get internet signals. When we say the Nighthawk router not connecting to internet or Nighthawk router not working, we mean it is unable to receive an internet signal from the host gateway. In return, you are unable to access WiFi from the router. This generally happens if the connection between the networking devices is not stable. Let us now help you fix this flaw in the connection.

Troubleshooting Nighthawk Router Not Connecting to Internet

Before you delve deep into any troubleshooting process, check the Internet LED on the router. It should be lit. If it isn’t then refer to the user manual to see how you can troubleshoot this issue. You can also take the easier route which is to contact our experts who will help you do away with the current situation in a jiffy. However, if you want to try your hands on some troubleshooting then keep reading ahead to know what you can do.

Check Cables & Wires

As we mentioned previously that the poor connection between the router and the gateway(modem) is the primary concern that leads to internet connectivity error, you need to take a look at the way these devices are connected. For your information, you can connect the Netgear router to the modem using either wired mode or wireless mode.

In the event, you have opted for connecting them using a wire or an Ethernet cable, to be precise, then the cable should be in good condition. This cable should be connected tightly to the Ethernet ports on both devices i.e. router and modem.

In case you have connected them wirelessly, then the distance between the router and the modem should be carefully observed now. Have you placed these devices far from each other? They won’t be able to communicate easily this way. Additionally, placing them too close will also make their signals clash. Thus, you got to choose an appropriate distance between these two devices, which is neither too close, nor too far.

After you have made sure that the connection between the router and the modem is perfect, check if the Nighthawk router not connecting to internet issue has left your side or not.

Check for Internet Outages

What if the issue actually exists with the internet service provider? Isn’t it a possible situation? It indeed is. We want you to contact your ISP once and check if there is an internet outage or if there is some glitch that he can address. Once you have confirmed from your ISP about the internet service, if the issue does not get fixed, then try the next hack.

Reboot Nighthawk Router

Perhaps there is nothing but some minor technical hiccups with the Netgear Nighthawk router that are causing the trouble. Power fluctuations are the major reason why these technical glitches occur. You can try chucking them away by rebooting the Netgear router. So, get near your router now and turn off its power supply. Do not forget to unplug it from the wall socket and let it rest for a while. Also, remove any other cable connected to it. After about a couple of minutes, plug the power adapter of the router into the wall socket. Turn on the power button to supply power to it. Once it is up and running see if the Nighthawk router not connecting to internet issue has been fixed or not.

Still No Luck?

Looks like you haven’t performed the initial setup process in a proper manner which is why you are facing this issue with your router now. We recommend you refer to the user manual to know the correct setup steps for the Nighthawk router. If you missed on some step or have performed any step incorrectly, then you know what went wrong. Now, reset your Netgear Nighthawk router to the factory settings and again set it up using the correct setup process from the very beginning. We are sure you will no more be facing the Nighthawk router not connecting to internet error after this.

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