Router Not Connecting to Internet

What to Do If Your Router Not Connecting to Internet?

Is your router not connecting to internet? Is it acting crazy even after you have already rebooted it to get it connected to the internet? If you are not able to get a permanent solution to this problem, we’re here to help you fix the router not connecting to the internet issue.

With the help of this blog, we’ll tell you every possible way to get rid of the problem. Here’s to hope that you will thank us after going through the tricks as everything would be working great for you.

Why isn’t your router not connecting to internet?

There are many possible causes for why you are not getting success with the process of connecting your router to the internet. Your router or modem may have some hardware issue, your IP address may be conflicting, your ISP might be experiencing power outages, or your data package is no more available. The problem behind getting the issue could be as simple as a loose wire or as big as a serious glitch.

To figure out the problem, try the troubleshooting tips given below to see if you are able to fix it or not.

How to troubleshoot router not connecting to internet issue?

  • If your router is not connecting to internet, first check all the cable connections. Make sure there are no loose or faulty connections. Also, check if the Ethernet cable used by you is in working condition. Sometimes, due to cracks in the cable, you get into the mess of the router not connecting to the internet issues.
  • Have a check for wireless interference. Sometimes electromagnetic waves emitting from various other devices available at your home can interfere with your router signals, resulting in no internet. Thus, keep all such devices at bay from your router. Most common offenders that could interfere with the signals of your router include cordless phones, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, and Blu-ray players.
  • Another possible reason that can create no internet issue could be related to the placement of your device. If you have located your router in a far area of your home, specifically inside a cabinet or under a table, then you will not be able to connect the device to the internet. To get rid of the problem, place your router in the center of your home and within the range of your modem. It would be an add-on if you can place the device on a higher surface as no other device will be interfering with its signals in that case.
  • Timely updates of router firmware are also important for letting your device work at its best. So, access the web address, log in to your router, navigate to settings, and check if your device is running the latest firmware version or needs an update.
  • No internet issue could also disturb you if the problem is from the end of your Internet Service Provider. Before contacting your ISP, run a ping test on your computer using the IP address. This will give you details if you are getting proper internet from your service provider or not. If not, simply contact him and ask to get the issue resolved for you.
  • Nothing worked till now? Well, the last attempt you can try to fix the router not connecting to internet issue is reset your router to the default settings. Perhaps, your device is not configured in a proper manner. Thus, creating issues for you when it comes to connecting it to the internet. Once you are done with the reset process of your device, configure it again and see if it works for you.

This is all about how to fix router not connecting to internet issue. If the ball is still not in your court and you are experiencing the same issue, we suggest you get in touch with our expert technicians. They will not only diagnose the reason creating all the problem for you but also fix it. This way, you will be able to connect your router to the internet and start using it the way you fancy.

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