Fixed: Netgear Router Lights On But No Internet

Fixed: Netgear Router Lights On But No Internet

These days, Netgear router users from various parts of the world reaching out to us stating a problem that their router’s lights are on but still they can’t access the internet on their client devices. If the same is the case with you, then luckily you have stumbled upon the right post. Here, we are going to help you with various hacks on how to fix Netgear router lights on but no internet issue. Let’s get started.

Troubleshoot: Netgear Router Lights On But No Internet

There could be various reasons behind facing the ‘Netgear router lights on but no internet’ issue. But, by having a nudge on the Netgear router troubleshooting tips listed below, you can get rid of the problem in a matter of minutes. So, why wait?

1. Power Cycle the Router

The very first hack you need to try is to power cycle your WiFi network. Yes, you read it right. The power cycle method has been suggested by many technical experts and found truly effective in such a situation.

You can power cycle your WiFi network by unplugging all the devices from their sockets for some time. Once you feel that enough time has been given to the modem, router, and computer for reviving their performance, plug in all the devices back to their sockets and see whether the Netgear router lights on but no internet issue has been fixed for you or not.

2. Check the Connections

If you have established a wireless connection between your router and modem, then perhaps the connection between your devices is not stable. In such a case, you are suggested to connect both your devices using a cable. However, make sure you use a cable that owns no cuts or breakage.

3. Update Your Router’s Firmware

The next trick you can try to rid yourself of the issue is to consider updating the firmware of your Netgear WiFi router. While updating the firmware to its latest version, however, make sure you get it as per the model of your router. For instance, if you have Netgear AC1600 setup at your home and updating the firmware of any other model on it, then know that your router can stop working. So, get your router updated cautiously.

4. Get Rid of WiFi Interference

You can also be the victim of the Netgear router lights on but no internet issue if your router is placed near appliances emitting radio waves. So, keep your router away from things like Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc.

Also, make sure you place your router somewhere in the central area of your home and over a higher surface.

5. Reset and Reconfigure Router

Chances are that your Netgear router is partially configured. If so, then you will not be able to access the internet on the devices connected to the network of your Netgear router.

For fixing this, you need to reset your router to the default settings and then configure it again. To reset the router, simply disconnect it from all the devices. However, make sure the router is plugged in to a working socket and one light on it is blinking. You can now hard reset your router by pressing the Reset button for some time. Once done, configure it again by accessing the default router login web address. Now, check whether you can get access to the internet or not.

The Concluding Thought

Here ends our troubleshooting guide on fixing Netgear router lights on but no internet issue. Just in case you are still bothered by the same issue and cannot access the internet on your client devices, then get in touch with our technical experts for personalized assistance. Know that, our experts are 24x7 available to help users fix their Netgear router issues in a jiffy.

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