Netgear Router Firmware Update Failed? Here's the Fix!

Netgear Router Firmware Update Failed? Here's the Fix!

For your Netgear WiFi router to function smoothly, performing router firmware update is quite important. However, if you aren't able to do that, you're in some serious trouble. But, worry not because our technical experts are here to assist you. In this post, we've mentioned some of the most effective tips that will help you troubleshoot the Netgear router firmware update failure issue in a jiffy.

But, before you learn how to fix the issue, become aware of the reasons that might have led you to it. That way, you'll be able to troubleshoot the issue in a much efficient manner. So, read on.

Why Did Netgear Router Firmware Update Fail?

Listed below are the topmost reasons why you aren't able to update the firmware of your Netgear wireless router to the latest version:

  • The connection between your Netgear router and the existing modem is weak.
  • The signals of your Netgear router are getting interrupted.
  • There is some issue from the end of your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • The distance between your Netgear WiFi router and modem is too much.
  • Technical glitches can also stop you from performing Netgear router firmware update.
  • You haven't selected the right firmware version.

Now, go through the Netgear router troubleshooting tips outlined below to get rid of the issue you're currently facing with your wireless device.

Resolved: Netgear Router Firmware Update Failed

Reboot Your Netgear Router

As mentioned earlier, technical glitches are one of the major reasons why you're stuck in this mess right now. But, fret not! To troubleshoot the issue, all you need to do is, reboot your Netgear wireless router. Follow the instructions mentioned below to do so:

  • Disconnect every WiFi-enabled device connected to your router's network.
  • Power off your Netgear wireless router and unplug it from the wall socket.
  • Wait patiently for a minute or two.
  • Next, plug your Netgear WiFi router back into the wall socket, and turn it on.

Now, try to perform Netgear firmware update. Are you able to? If not, continue reading.

Verify the Internet Connection

Check the connection between your Netgear wireless router and the existing modem. Is it stable? No? Well, that's probably because the Ethernet cable connecting your devices is worn out or damaged from somewhere.

To fix the issue, it is recommended that you replace the Ethernet cable with a new one. Once done, check whether you are able to update the firmware of your device with ease or not.

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

If you think a weak internet connection is still a cause behind the Netgear router firmware update failure issue, then you should contact your ISP.

Confirm whether the issue is from his end or not. If he agrees, ask him to get the issue fixed as soon as possible so that you can update the firmware of your Netgear router in peace.

Keep WiFi Interference at Bay

Make sure that your Netgear wireless router is kept away from WiFi interfering devices and appliances like cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, treadmills, televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.

Also, avoid placing your router in corners or near concrete walls. Doing so will eliminate at least one reason that might be stopping you from performing Netgear router firmware update.


This was all about the topmost troubleshooting tips to help you fix the Netgear router firmware update failure issue. Once you are done following the steps mentioned above, try to update the firmware of your device via router login. If you are still struggling with the same issue, it is recommended you get in touch with our technical experts.

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