Mesh WiFi Routers vs Traditional Routers – An In-Depth Analysis

Mesh WiFi Routers vs Traditional Routers – An In-Depth Analysis

So, you want to set up a home WiFi network but confused about the right product. A question that comes to your mind is – Is traditional router the best or should you go with a Mesh WiFi router? Don't worry! This article will help you make the right decision. Here you will come to know what makes one better than the other.

First, let us start by understanding what is Mesh WiFi.

What is Mesh WiFi?

Mesh WiFi, otherwise known as Whole Home WiFi is a home networking technology where you choose a decentralized approach for local internet connectivity. Every device in your home connects wirelessly to the internet using a Mesh Wi-Fi router.

The Mesh WiFi system relies on multiple WiFi nodes. One node works for the primary internet router and wired into the gateway connection. The other node is the satellite. Both nodes function as a single network. So, if you are sitting in the drawing area, the WiFi device connects to the closest WiFi node. In other words, it is the same network but thedevice will connect to it in a way that makes sense.

Mesh WiFi offers better performance and less network congestion. In some circumstances it also offers faster connectivity speed, more reliability, and better WiFi coverage. A Mesh WiFI router is easy to customize and this makes it possible for you to expand the WiFi network.

Let us now check out what makes Mesh WiFi routers different from the traditional ones.

Mesh WiFi Routers vs Traditional Routers

In a traditional router, the wireless traffic relies on a single point-of-access. The router is typically connected to an NBN or ADSL connection. It shares the network with other devices connected to it. Unfortunately, devices that are away from the router experience bad QoS in comparison to those in proximity to it.

Although there are advanced WiFi technologies like MU-MIMO and WiFi 6, these cannot make changes to the centralized structure that is part of a typical home internet network.

On the other hand, a Mesh WiFi router provides you multiple points of access. This difference lets Mesh WiFi networks provide more network coverage in every situation. In comparison to most of the modern-day routers, Mesh WiFi routers can handle multiple connections from multiple devices.

That said, tech experts have come up with a few points you should keep in mind when looking for a Mesh WiFi router.

What to Look for In a Mesh WiFi Router?

Given below are some factors to keep in mind when you want to purchase Mesh WiFi router.

1. Design

You will be investing a considerable sum of money into a Mesh WiFi router. Make sure you buy one that makes heads turn. Although there is a bit of trend towards minimalism, however, this year bigger size Mesh WiFi routers have become the norm. So, instead of finding the smallest WiFi router you should look for one that adds grace to the home or office environment.

2. Network Speed

With regards to wireless internet, you should aim for a WiFi router that offers more speed. Mesh WiFi routers help you perform intensive tasks like 4K media streaming and uploading heavy documents without any hiccups. These are the best piece of network technology which lets more devices do more things on the same network. Want to know the best part? It does all this without compromising on network quality.

3. Better Coverage

It is a good thing to know you can always buy more Mesh WiFi nodes to get rid of dead spots. So is knowing how you can enjoy more internet browsing with less nodes. So, the better the coverage offered by every Mesh WiFi node, the less Mesh nodes you would need for network coverage.

4. Software

An impressive feature of Mesh WiFi routers is the ease of use. There are many features which you can access using the mobile app. Some of the features you get with a Mesh WiFi router are parental controls, high-traffic priority markers and advanced cybersecurity.

5 .Easy Setup

No need to worry if you are not a tech wizard. All you need to do with Mesh WiFi routers is follow the app-based installation setup instead of a browser one. Installation is simple and all you need to do is download the iOS or Android setup app and follow the instructions.

So, if you are facing a Netgear router orange power light issue with the traditional router then buy a Mesh WiFi router.


The Mesh WiFi routers are the latest piece of internet technology. If you want WiFi network that offers impeccable access to the internet then choose a Mesh WiFi router.

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