Is Your Nighthawk Router Not Working? Here’s the Solution!

Why is my Nighthawk router not working? I’m unable to connect to the internet and complete my online tasks. What’s wrong with my router? Can someone help me? – A Netgear user

Does the aforementioned situation sound similar to yours? If it does, then know that the problem can be fixed easily. All you have to do is try your hands at a few solutions patiently. With that said, this post highlights some important information about the problem under discussion. So, stick to reading.

Symptoms: Nighthawk Router Not Working

You can conclude that you’ve become a victim of the Nighthawk router not working issue if your router shows any of the below-mentioned symptoms:

  • If shuts off randomly
  • You witness random connection drops or no connection at all
  • Some features stop working
  • It reboots every now and then
  • You fail to access the internet on wired or wireless devices

So, these were the symptoms you will notice when the Netgear router stops working properly. Know that the aforementioned problems and the one you’re currently facing are cut from the same piece of cloth. Therefore, the reasons behind them will be the same and so do the troubleshooting solutions. Now, walk through the next section and learn why the router is not working properly.

Why is Nighthawk Router Not Working?

Countless occasions are there when the Netgear WiFi router stops delivering streamlined outputs. However, we’ve mentioned the common ones for you.

Improper Power Supply

Every networking device needs the power to work properly. Since your Nighthawk router also belongs to the technical family, it needs power. There is a high possibility that your router is denying working properly because its power requirements are not getting fulfilled.

Technical Glitch

Technical glitches are other causes behind the improper or non-working status of the Netgear Nighthawk router. The occurrence of issues due to technical glitches is a common thing in the networking realm.

Improper Cable Connections

You might be concluding that you’re facing the Nighthawk router not working issue if the Ethernet cable connecting the modem and the router is damaged. The same is the condition with the power cables of both WiFi devices.

Inappropriate Placement

The Netgear router keeps troubling you if you do not place it at an appropriate distance from the internet modem. However, the placement of the router counts a lot of factors in addition to the distance from the main modem which includes the presence of WiFi interference factors.

Solutions: Nighthawk Router Not Working

Check Power Supply

The power supply to your Netgear router must be proper at all costs. It means you are not supposed to connect the router to a non-working or damaged power outlet. If you do so, then you are exposing it to the risk of permanent hardware damage. Besides, do not hesitate to involve the UPS for the power supply job if your area is a regular victim of power outages.

Power Cycle the Nighthawk Router

Sometimes, a single power cycle is what a Netgear router needs to work properly. Therefore, power down your router and unplug it from the power source. Once you feel that it has received enough time to rest, you can replug it and power it up. In case it still denies working properly, refer to the next tip.

Redo Cable Connections

The time has come that you recreate the cable connections. But, this time, do it with the help of non-damaged cables. When it comes to creating the router-modem connection, the Ethernet connection should be finger-tight. On the other hand, you must use the genuine power cable to power up the router [the one which you received with the router package].

Relocate the Router

Consider changing the placement of your router to fix the Nighthawk router not working issue. By that we mean, your router’s location is supposed to be close to the main modem and away from WiFi-interference-creating factors. Some examples of factors causing signal interference are microwave ovens, televisions, refrigerators, mirrors, aquariums, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, etc. Moreover, avoid keeping the router in the corner of a room or near a thick concrete wall.

How to Avoid Nighthawk Router Not Working Issue?

With the help of the hacks mentioned above, you will be able to get rid of the Nighthawk router not working issue. However, we suggest you go the extra mile and take preventive measures to prevent the emergence of similar issues in the future.

Therefore, always keep the firmware of your Netgear Nighthawk router updated. Doing so will not only keep problems at bay but will also add new functionalities to the router thereby delivering streamlined outputs. The firmware update process of the WiFi router can be performed with the help of the web address or the Nighthawk mobile app. In case you need personalized assistance to carry out the Netgear router firmware update, pinging our experts will be a great idea. In addition to assisting in the firmware update process, they will also let you know advanced techniques to keep the Nighthawk router not working issue miles away.

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