Reboot Netgear Router

How to Power Cycle or Reboot Netgear Router?

Netgear routers are one of the best devices when it comes to enjoying a brisk and super-fast internet experience. However, at times, users caught up with some glitches stopping them from making the most of their device. If you believe that getting rid of the Netgear router issues is out of question, then you're mistaking. With a simple reboot, most Netgear router issues can be fixed in a jiffy. Here, in this write-up, we're going to make you acquainted with how to reboot Netgear router. Are you up for giving the reboot process a shot?

Different Methods to Reboot Netgear Router

FYI, a Netgear router can be rebooted using two different methods. You can either reboot Netgear router by accessing the user interface of the device or by turning it off and unplugging it. No matter which method you follow to power cycle your Netgear router, you are advised to opt for proper steps to get success with the reboot process.

Below is the step-by-step guide explaining both the Netgear router power cycle methods in detail. So, walk through the steps below and reboot Netgear router in no time.

Reboot Netgear Router Using

Before you commence the reboot process of your Netgear WiFi router by accessing its interface, make sure all the cables connected to the device are finger-tight and you are having access to high-speed internet.

  • Start by opening a web browser on your device.
  • Although you can opt for any web browser, however make sure the one you choose is running the latest software version.
  • Now, type in the web address bar of the browser you launched.
  • As soon you as fill in the details and press the Enter key, you will be taken to the login page of your router.
  • Thereafter, log in to your device by entering the Netgear router default password into the given field.
  • The setup wizard of your WiFi router will reveal. This is graphical user interface of your Netgear router.
  • From here, navigate to Settings > Advanced.
  • Locate the Reboot option under the Router information tab and select it.
  • Let the Netgear router reboot process gets completed, so have patience.

This is all about how to reboot Netgear router using your router's interface. Just in case you are not having access to the Netgear router login page, then try the next method in the blog to give your WiFi device a fresh start.

Reboot Netgear Router By Unplugging It

You can also reboot Netgear router by unplugging it from its power socket, however you need to follow the proper way to complete the task in a successful manner. Here, we have got your back! Let's reveal the steps to reboot Netgear router through its hardware itself.

  • Disconnect all your WiFi devices from the network of your Netgear router.
  • Also, if you have connected the router to any of the devices like modem or extender with the help of an Ethernet cable, consider detaching the cables.
  • Now, turn off the device and unplug it from its power socket.
  • Let your router revive its working, so allow its adapter to sit without power for some time.
  • Now, again plugin back the adapter to its socket and turn on the power button.
  • Allow the LEDs on your device to glow green.
  • Once done, connect it to your devices again and see if the problem you were facing with the device has been fixed or not.

Wrapping Up

Our how-to guide on power cycling or rebooting Netgear router ends here. If you have gone through every trick in the book and still aren't getting success with fixing your Netgear router issues, feel free to contact our technical support executives for quick help. However, we hope you will not face anymore issues after executing Netgear router reboot process!

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