Can't Connect to WiFi After Factory Resetting Router? Let's Fix

Can't Connect to WiFi After Factory Resetting Router? Let's Fix!

If you are facing issues staying connected to your WiFi after resetting your router to factory defaults, you are not alone! Luckily, the problem can easily get fixed by using a few troubleshooting hacks.

In this post, we've summed up some tips and tricks that can help you get rid of the WiFi connectivity issues so that you can again start enjoying the internet.

What to Do if You Can't Connect to WiFi After Router Factory Reset

Is Your WiFi On?

Needless to ask, but it's a simple mistake that can accidentally happen. You might have disabled the internet access to your device showing no connection. So, first check whether the device you are trying to access the internet over is connected to your router or not. If it's not, of course, connect both the devices.

Reboot Your Router and PC

It is quite possible that you blame your router for the connection issues instead of your PC. But, any device can be the culprit. To fix the issue, just unplug the router and PC from their power outlets, wait for a while, and plug in back both the devices. Let the router and PC turn back on. Once you see the power LED on your router turns green, log in to your router and see if the trick works for you or the WiFi connection problem still persists.

Cross-check Wired Connections

Loose or improper connections can also take you into the mess of WiFi connectivity. To ensure proper connections, check the LEDs on your router. If you find Netgear router internet light orange in color, it means connections are not proper. Check all the cables and make sure there is no cut in them. Also, confirm whether your router, modem, or PC - all devices are getting sufficient power supply.

Check the Router Login Password

Another reason that could be showing you no internet after resetting your router to factory settings can be related to Netgear router login. Perhaps, after resetting your router, you forgot to log in to your router or might have used the wrong password (in hurry!), resulting in no WiFi connectivity.

Have you Reconfigured Your Router?

This step is far necessary for WiFi connectivity after resetting the router to factory defaults. First, if you have not yet reconfigured your router, consider setting it up using the proper steps. Secondly, if you are already done with resetting your router, make sure you have completed the process in a successful manner. Because a partial or improper configuration of the router can also cause WiFi connection problems.

Approach a Professional

If the fixed given above didn't work for you, contacting an expert technician is definitely worth a shot. It is possible that there is some hardware issue with either your router, modem, or PC.

So, the best solution is to allow an expert to diagnose the problem creating a WiFi connectivity issue and fix it for you. To get in touch with experts, simply shoot them an email or initiate live chat, explain your problem, and let a skilled handle the issue. Meanwhile, you just sit back and relax!

To Sum Up

We have given you a handful of fixes that can solve your WiFi connectivity issue and help you get back online. It is expected that, after following the tips, you would be able to get rid of the WiFi connection issues related to your Netgear router.

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