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7 Easy Steps to Fix Netgear Router Orange Light Issue

When you power on your Netgear router, its power LED will become amber for some time and then turn into white or solid green. But what if there is orange light on Netgear router? Well, then there is an issue. In order to fix Netgear router orange light issue, you need to go through some easy troubleshooting steps highlighted in this post that will help you to turn the orange light on Netgear router to green. Let's take the plunge.

Resolved: Netgear Router Orange Light

1. Check Your Internet Connectivity

When your Netgear WiFi router can't connect to your DSL or cable modem router via a WiFi or wired connection, possibilities are that you might see the blinking orange LED on your router. To fix it, ensure that there is a proper connection between your devices.

You can run a speed test on your internet connection to verify whether the internet is working or not. Also, be certain to check if you are connected to the right WiFi network.

2. Cross-Check the Cable Connections

Using a faulty Ethernet cable? If so, that's the reason why you are seeing the Netgear router orange light. To resolve convert the orange light on Netgear router to green, ensure to use a well-maintained cable.

Just in case, the cable is faulty or damaged, disconnect it and use a new one instead. All cable connections you made should be finger-tight and precise.

3. Check the Power Supply

If you are facing the orange light because the Netgear router orange power light is blinking, then it is another troublesome issue. The router should receive adequate power supply from the wall socket. Try changing the wall plug to connect your Netgear WiFi router. Once done, check if the Netgear router orange power light Nighthawk router orange light issue is still there. If the Netgear router orange power light issue exists, move to the next troubleshooting step.

4. Power Cycle Your WiFi Router

Power cycling the router can also help you fix the orange power LED issue. To power cycle your Netgear WiFi router, do the following:

  • Turn off your Netgear router and unplug it from the wall socket.
  • Disconnect all the connected devices to your router.
  • Let your router take some rest.
  • After that, plug the router back in again and turn it on.
  • Now, connect all your WiFi-enabled devices to the router.

As soon as you are done with power-cycling, try to configure your Netgear router properly and check if it still shows an amber LED light.

5. MAC Cloning

Another reason behind your Nighthawk router orange light issue is an unidentified network. It happens when your current modem can't identify the router or connect with it. In such a case, the solution is to clone your computer's MAC address into your Netgear wireless router and then try to reconnect your modem to the router.

Here's how to do a MAC cloning on your Netgear router:

  • Log into your Netgear router on your computer.
  • Head over to the Advanced Settings section.
  • Select the MAC Cloning option.
  • Let the MAC Cloning process complete.
  • At last, click on the Apply button.

6. Update Your Router Firmware

On the off chance if none of the aforementioned ways solves the Netgear router orange light issue for you, then the reason for this might be outdated firmware. If you are using an outdated firmware, update your router right away.

In order to update your router's firmware, visit the default Netgear router login web page and go to the Firmware Update section to check for available updates. Hit the Update button in case of any new firmware version is available for your router.

7. Reset Your Netgear WiFi Router

Is the Netgear router orange light error still there? Try resetting as the last resort. Reset your Netgear WiFi router to the default factory settings by following the steps below:

  • Power on your Netgear wireless router.
  • Press and hold the Reset button.
  • Wait for the router to reboot itself.

Done! Your Netgear router orange light issue has been fixed! Still seeing a blinking amber LED on your router? Contact our experts now and get the issue resolved within minutes!

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