– Netgear Router Default IP is Netgear router default IP address which can be used when you’re having trouble while accessing the default web address or when you find that it isn’t working. This allows you to configure your router with Smart Wizard – prompting you to log into the router by using the default username and password. Both the username and password are case-sensitive. After logging in, the Smart Wizard lets you choose either to configure your router yourself or let it detect the type of internet connection that you have.

Netgear Router Default IP is used to set up the router for personal or business purposes. Here, IP stands for Internet Protocol by which data packets are transmitted from one PC to another over the internet. Every device connected with the internet has at least one IP address which gives a unique identity to it from other devices.

IP addresses are of two types: External and Internal. An External IP address is a public address through which other people on the internet can identify you. On the other hand, an Internal IP address is allocated to a particular device within the LAN network by wireless home or office router. falls in the category of internal IP address.

How to Access Netgear Router Default IP?

As mentioned above, is known as Netgear Router Login Admin IP address. It is also called the host address.

Once the router has been connected to the internet, you will be redirected to Router Admin Login page. After entering username and password, make sure to use the optimum security for router network usage. Here are the steps to log in to Netgear WiFi Router through | www.routerlogin.net
  1. Make a connection between your device and router. Ensure that there is a tight connection.
  2. Launch any web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.
  3. Write in the address bar and press Enter key.
  4. Netgear router default IP admin page will open asking username and password.
  5. After logging in successfully, change the settings according to your requirements.

In case you find any trouble while logging into router admin IP address, we can help you out. Simply reach out to our experts and resolve all your router problems within minutes. is Not Working?

Cannot access the Netgear router default IP address? Don’t worry. Here are some possible quick fixes of is not working issue:

  • One of the quickest and easiest fixes is performing a power cycle. Power cycling refers to removing the power from the router, waiting a few seconds, then plugging the power back in.
  • Make sure that you are not entering the IP address incorrectly. For example, these IP addresses are incorrect and will never work: www., www.,, and 192.168.0.I. Also, it is not necessary to put the http:// in front of the numbers such as:
  • If you have lights on the router but no lights for the cable plugged in the port, try another cable. | Netgear Router Login

Still facing the same issue? Feel free to connect with our experts and troubleshoot the issue in a matter of minutes.

How to Find Netgear Router Default IP?

Netgear routers are available in different models such as R9000 AD2700, WNR2000 N300, WNDR3400 N600, R6050 AC750, R6120 AC1200, R6700 AC1750, R6900 AC1900, R7900 AC3000, XR500 AC2600 and a lot more. Every model has its own default IP address. So, first of all, find out the default IP for the router you use. Let’s have a quick look at the complete steps:

And there you are. As soon as the IP address has been found, use it to open Netgear Router Default Login IP page. In case of any difficulty, get in touch with our qualified and highly-experienced experts.

Change Wireless Name and Password Using

In order to secure your router home network, you should change the default WiFi name and password using the Smart Wizard web interface. In this section, we will provide you with the steps for changing the wireless name and password for your Netgear router using The steps are as follows:

The above steps didn’t work for you? Get immediate help from our knowledgeable experts.

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